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Are you looking for a property in Dartmouth? I’m Tyler MacNeil, a Dartmouth mortgage broker, and I’m here to guide you through the mortgage process. Let me help you get the financing you need to purchase your dream home. 

Take a look at some of the advantages of getting a mortgage in Dartmouth below.

Why Get A Dartmouth Mortgage?

Affordable Properties

Each and every kind of homebuyer can find something fitting in Dartmouth’s wide selection of real estate. 

Those on a smaller budget who are still interested in living in a convenient area can find a property for sale for just under $100,000. The average property price for those with more to spend is somewhere around $250,000, with the highest costing over $1 million.

Breathtaking Sceneries 

The province of Nova Scotia has a lot of scenic landscapes. Nature enthusiasts will find paradise in Nova Scotia, thanks to sights like the ocean-facing Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, the breathtaking scenery of the Cape Breton Highlands, and the abundance of lakes and public parks across the region. During the summer, you and your loved ones may go on canoe trips, hikes, and waterfall hunts in the woods. 

You can have a vacation without going anywhere! You can enjoy a wonderful holiday without leaving the country — it’s all in your hometown.

Flexible Transportation

Dartmouth offers a wide array of transportation options. Buses to Halifax leave the city every between 15 and 20 minutes. Those who want a calm commute to work in the morning may take the boat to downtown Halifax. The ferry departs from either Woodside Terminal or Alderney Landing and arrives at the Halifax Terminal.

Great Cuisine 

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, often referred to as the Brooklyn of Halifax, offers some truly spectacular cuisine.

The neighborhood is home to hidden gems, welcoming locals, and a thriving, evolving food scene with everything from fine dining establishments to cafés, pizza joints, cider houses, brewers, and Canada’s tastiest fish and chips.

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